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We can help you buy the items you need in a more flexible and inexpensive way, as compared to the current auction policy.

Buy directly from the fur farmers' own storehouses in different locations in Finland.

The Rawfurs association

Rawfurs is an organization with the aim of taking advantage of the progress of the fur farmers’ work, while also taking into account the expenses of prospective buyers and reducing the farmers’ costs.

Rawfurs will not organize auctions in Finland. Rawfurs does not buy fur skins for itself and will not sell anything. The goal of Rawfurs is not to achieve maximum benefit for itself, as is usually the case with usual companies.

The goal of Rawfurs is to connect the buyer and seller directly. Rawfurs considers all fur farms to be totally equal, be they certified or not certified. A prerequisite, however, is that the fur farm operates within Finnish environmental law and Finnish animal protection law, and that their business complies with high ethical standards.

Rawfurs supplies a product that corresponds to the buyer's needs in terms of size and quality. Consequently, the buyer gets fresh skin at significantly lower cost than within the current system.

In practice, fur farmers grow their crop so that the harvest is ready in December, which means it is then immediately ready to be put on the market.

Within the current practice, the breeder, at worst, has to wait for up to 10 months before the fox skins can be sold at auction. This means that pelts may be stored for as long as the aforementioned 10 months. Being people who appreciate quality, we know that the skins are not as fresh as they ought to be.

Emphasis on quality means that the buyer is offered an opportunity to buy high-quality skins, matching the size and number of his existing needs, without attending a huge auctions, where prices may overheat and reach an unreasonable level – from the buyer's point of view.

With the Rawfurs approach, prices remain reasonable, not least because the breeders can convert their crops directly into cash and no interest costs, therefore, arise.

In other words, fur farmers can sell raw furs directly from their own farms at significantly less than the auction hammer price. The lifespan of a longhaired farmed animal before pelting is approximately 6 months; consequently, it will be pelted at the end of December and is immediately ready for the markets. At worst, under the current system, it will end up for sale the following year in September.

Our aim is, simply put, to invest in quality and fresh skins, as well as in making sure that the buyer receives the product at significantly lower costs than through the current numerous intermediaries. Our aim is to simplify trading between seller and buyer, as well as to invest in responding to the needs of the customer in such a way that the product is available without so many middlemens. We believe that this new policy would please both buyer and seller. This way, trading is pleasant, easy, and hassle-free for all parties concerned.

Disadvantages of the current practice

From the fur farmer’s perspective

In order to obtain the required amount of feed to grow the crop, more than one breeder will have to take a large loan from their financiers to cover the costs of the feed they order. Consequently, the financier gets to charge the breeder an interest rate, which may grow into quite large sums. For example, on a 100,000 € investment in feed, the interest can be as high as 6 %. If the breeders could sell their products directly to the buyer, they would avoid huge interest costs and would also be able to take advantage of the VAT.

What is the interest made up of?

That is a good question. For the breeder, the interest grows from the fact that the fur farmer will have to store the pelts for as long as up to those abovementioned 10 months and it is to the financier’s advantage to charge interest on the loan (and collateral has to be presented for the credit) in order for him to make a profit from the money he has advanced.

Many fur farmers are disappointed with the current system, because the product to be sold is ready as early as in December, but auctions are not held until December, April, June and September, when a new season has already begun. Large purchases will not be made until the June and September auctions and it will take several weeks until the payments are made.

Usual company, charges the breeders a sorting fee and a sales fee for the storage and sale of the skins, and also deduct the following from the so called hammer price:

– Membership fee
– Commission / price each
– Sanction for oversized skins / penalty
– Insurance
– Breeding female fee

Disadvantages of the current practice

From the buyer’s perspective

With the current practice the buyer gets a product that has been in storage for a long time. Because of the fierce competition, the bidding may go through the roof, and in the worst case scenario the buyer may be left without any product at all, if the price is so high that the product is no longer worth buying.

Benefits of the new practice

From the fur farmer’s perspective

When breeders sell their fresh product immediately, without so many middlemen, directly to the buyer, they can buy feed for next year’s harvest in advance. Feed bought in advance means the breeders receive interest on their money from the feed mills. Quantity discount including freight rebate. For example, today a 100,000 € advance purchase of feed means around 15,000 –17,000 € in savings for the fur farmer. Additionally, about 6,000 € will be saved, as the financier cannot charge interest on the loan, which in the previous model it was necessary to get.

Benefits of the new practice

From the buyer’s perspective

If the buyer so chooses, he can export the skins directly from Finland with a customs agreement, without value added tax. When the fur farmer sells his products directly to the buyer, it is so inexpensive and easy to do for the breeder that the individual discount on the sell of just one raw fur skin is so big that the acquisition cost of thousands of them will be from tens of thousands up to hundreds of thousands of euros / dollars cheaper.

The difference between Rawfurs other companies, which currently holds an overwhelmingly dominant position in the intermediated sales of raw skins abroad from Finland:

• We do not prefinance production / breeders like other companies does, rather, we find a buyer and a seller, and we act specifically on their terms. Thus, the breeder does not commit himself in advance to anything and will not need to sign any supply contracts.

We are just starting out using this process, which we are currently developing in practical terms. However, we have already received plenty of positive feedback from buyers as well as breeders.

PLEASE NOTE For sale: many fur farms complete with animals in different parts of Finland. Finished, new, big size mink and fox garments for use as raw material in the fur industry (at a very low price).

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